About This Project

Over the past several years, my style has undergone considerable changes. I’ve transitioned from inking everything on paper and scanning it into my computer to working more extensively in Photoshop. This shift has brought about a noticeable improvement in the consistency and overall look of my artwork, not to mention it’s much faster to complete a project this way.

I’ve also started incorporating real photos that I’ve personally shot into my work, particularly images of clouds. By compositing them into the background of my drawings, I’m able to achieve a certain aesthetic that I find appealing, and I hope others do too.

The combination of traditional and digital techniques has allowed me to develop a unique visual style that blends reality with imagination. Utilizing real photos adds depth and atmosphere to my drawings, enhancing the overall mood and aesthetic.

I’m constantly exploring and experimenting with different techniques and elements to further refine my style and create captivating artwork.