About Myself

David Lippert is a photographer, illustrator, bag designer, marketer and entrepreneur.

My artistic journey is deeply rooted in the enchanting worlds of Edward Gorey’s intricate aesthetics and the irreverent humor of MAD Magazine. While these influences have shaped my artistic sensibilities, I’ve consciously steered away from the darker undertones often associated with such inspirations. Instead, I channel a whimsical spirit into my illustrations, deliberately adopting a loose and spontaneous drawing style. This approach serves as a reminder to not take myself too seriously and allows for a sense of playful spontaneity in each piece.


I thrive on immediacy and find joy in the rapid creation of my artwork. This preference for speed and simplicity ensures that my illustrations remain fresh and energetic, free from the constraints of overcomplication. Beginning with a humble pencil sketch, I breathe life into my creations with ink on paper. Once the foundational drawing is complete, I transition into the digital realm, scanning and refining my work in Photoshop. This hybrid process bridges traditional techniques with modern digital manipulation, resulting in illustrations that resonate with both nostalgia and contemporary flair.


In essence, my work is a harmonious blend of cherished influences and personal preferences. Through this unique synthesis, I aim to craft visual narratives that captivate, entertain, and evoke a sense of whimsy in viewers.


From his roots in Western Michigan, where David honed skills like hunting, fishing, and taxidermy, to his academic pursuits at Hillsdale College in psychology and art, David’s early experiences laid a unique foundation. Transitioning to Boston and eventually settling in Los Angeles, David delved deep into the entertainment industry, gaining invaluable experience in production and post-production.


David’s time in Los Angeles was undoubtedly eventful, marked by professional growth, personal milestones like meeting his wife and starting a family, and the challenges of navigating a bustling, albeit expensive, urban environment. The insights he gained from working on various television shows, films, and commercials surely shaped his perspectives and enriched David’s skill set.


However, recognizing the allure of his roots and perhaps seeking a change from the demanding and costly lifestyle of Los Angeles, he made the pivotal decision to return to Michigan. Joining his father’s company, AutoExec, Inc., allowed David to reconnect with family and immerse himself in a new professional environment.


The evolution of technology, particularly the advent of software like Photoshop, presented him with exciting opportunities to blend a traditional artistry with digital capabilities. Embracing this technological shift, David seamlessly integrated hand-drawn illustrations with digital editing and compositing techniques, creating a harmonious fusion of the old and new.


David’s journey underscores the importance of adaptability, passion for learning, and the value of blending diverse experiences to carve out a fulfilling career path. Whether in the entertainment industry or the realm of digital